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Artist Statement

My ceramic sculptures are composed of layers of patterns, lines, shapes, and colors in earthenware clay. Microscopic views of organisms, universal variety and randomness, and layered botanical and terrestrial shapes are my inspirations.

I use handbuilding processes, combining 3D forms to create a form. Textures and patterns are pressed into soft clay while flat, then shaped over 3D forms: cylinders, spheres, or hybrid forms. Lines are incised to create direction and eye movement. As it dries, parts may be carved, textured again, or removed to create a rich surface. When dry it is bisque fired to 1940 degrees.

Color, an important element, is added using underglazes, which are similar to watercolor in its transparency or layered opaque hues. Oxides and glazes are also applied. The final glaze firing is to 1905 degrees.

My clay pieces are paintings on a 3D form, with depth and shapes built with clay material creating real dimension. Each piece is an adventure leading to new directions.

Artist Resume

Clay classes, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Glatinburg, TN, 2000-
Part-time Instructor, University of Toledo Department of Art, l989-90
Classes at Boston University and Boston Museum School, 1997-1981
Elementary Art Specialist, Springfield Local Schools, Holland, OH l973-78, 1990-2008
Masters of Fine Art (Painting), Bowling Green State University, l982
Bachelor of Education, Intensive Drawing Major, University of Toledo, l971

Artist Photo