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Artist Statement

The functional pottery which I now make is done in a mid-range, cone 2 stoneware, made from my mixing of a commercial clay body with a clay body I have formulated, and mix, myself. This clay, fired to a higher temperature than most maiolica, is a dense, less porous clay which bonds well with, and will not cause the maiolica glaze to chip or craze. This higher temperature maiolica is somewhat of an anomaly, since most work of this type is in the lower temperature range, and, though more colorful, is less durable. The pieces, themselves, are formed with the use of the wheel, slab roller, and hand tools, and bisqued to cone 06 before glazing and decorating. The glaze, which I also mix, is a cone 3 white or cream maiolica, and the colorants, mixed with a frit, a gum and a macloid (the Walter Ostrom method), are brushed onto the glaze in its dusty, pre-fired stage. The decoration is a little like working with watercolors on blotter paper. The frit aids with the fusion; the gum, with ease of brush work; the macloid, with suspension. Once decorated, the pieces are then fired in an oxidizing atmosphere in a large, electric kiln, over a period of 17 hours. Cooling takes another day and a half. My son, Peter, for one of his high school projects, made a large, bricked-path garden near my studio, with interesting flower and vegetable variants, many of which have inspired my decoration. My family and I have also visited both France and Italy (to see a nephew and his family), and more recently, Finland and Russia, where I have done many drawings, and looked at many pots. The clay notebook series is also an outgrowth of the gardening, and of more worldly ideas. Made with porcelain or stoneware fired to the bisque temperature, the work is then cold-smoked, and painted and assembled. These are some of the cumulative results of almost thirty years of looking, drawing, and of working in clay.

Artist Bio

Ann Tubbs, printmaker, potter, sculptor, and teacher for the past 39 years, (BFA, Wittenberg University, MFA, printmaking/lithography, Michigan State University), works in a studio located behind her old farmhouse in Ottawa Lake, Michigan, where she lives with her husband, and a number of cats. She currently makes sculptural, as well as functional clay ware, and exhibits in nationally recognized, juried fairs and shows, including the contemporary “Maiolica Exhibition and Forum, 2001”, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the 2003 “21st Century Ceramics in the United States and Canada”, at the Canzani Center Gallery, Columbus, Ohio. In the spring of 2007 she was one of three presenters at the Wooster, Ohio, Functional Pottery Workshop. In 1992 she developed a cone 2 clay and glaze for her maiolica functional pieces, a decorative process which allows her to combine her love of drawing with her continuing interest in three-dimensional clay work. Her travels, as far away as Russia, as close as the family garden, influence her brushwork, done on the unfired, dry glaze. Both the functional and the sculptural work has been featured in Robin Hopper’s Functional Pottery, Daniel Rhodes’ re-edition of Clay and Glazes for the Potter, Richard Zakin’s Ceramics, Mastering the Craft: (I and II), and Hand-formed Ceramics. Smoked, wire-cut tall basket forms were in the Smoke-fired Pottery by Jane Perryman. Two face mugs are in the recent Lark book of 500 Cups; a tile is in their recent 500 Tiles.

Artist Resume

Ann M. Tubbs
P.O. Box 208
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267

• printmaking/lithography, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI; MFA; 1968
• Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH; BFA; 1966
• numerous ceramic workshops and classes throughout the country over the last 30 years

• sole proprietor, Ann Tubbs Pottery, in one form or another; 1975-present
• instructor: my studio; Western CT State College, 1973-1979; Ann Arbor Potters’ Guild, winter/spring, 2001
• maiolica demonstrations and hands-on workshops: Detroit Institute of Art, 2003; MI Mud, Allegan, MI, 2002; potters’ guilds and 577 Foundation, 2000-2004; Henry Ford & Adrian Colleges, 2004; MI Mud, center for Creative studies, Detroit, 2008
• presenter at the 2007 Wooster Functional Clay Workshop, Wooster, OH

Recent Exhibitions and Events:
Functional Award, Michigan Ceramic Arts Association, 2014
Award of Excellence, Ann Arbor Original Art Fair, 2013
• Invitational Yunomi Show, AKAR Gallery, Iowa; 2008, 2009
• The Box Show, AKAR Gallery, Iowa; 2004
• 21st Century Ceramics in the US and Canada, CCAD, Columbus, OH; 2003
• Santa Fe Clay, Contemporary Maiolica, NM; 2002
• Contemporary Maiolica Symposium and Exhibition, Little Rock, AR; 2001
• 500 Cups, Lark Books; 2004. 500 Tiles, Lark Books; 2007.

Artist Photo