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What is MyArtBooth?

MyArtBooth is an online community of artists sharing one common goal, promoting their creativity. MyArtBooth provides the artist with a set of tools to create a fully functioning website of their own. With MyArtBooth you can:

Upload photos of your artwork
Crop and rotate your photos, create thumbnails
Link your account with PayPal and sell your art online
Send emails to your friends & family with art updates
Organize your art, promote your masterpieces
Enable fans to contact you without giving out your info
Gain a global audience for your art

Recent Activity

New Art

Bow Ties Galore
Bow Ties in Red
Bow Ties
Kids Apron Blue Swirle
Utility Apron Black and Brown Graphic
Utility Apron Blacks and Grays

Random Art

clay garden notebooks; pix: Steve Johnston
Ball on Chain 16"
Bow Ties Galore
landscape tile
Utility Aprons with a Bit of Whimsy
Hand with Bird