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What is MyArtBooth?

MyArtBooth is an online community of artists sharing one common goal, promoting their creativity. MyArtBooth provides the artist with a set of tools to create a fully functioning website of their own. With MyArtBooth you can:

Upload photos of your artwork
Crop and rotate your photos, create thumbnails
Link your account with PayPal and sell your art online
Send emails to your friends & family with art updates
Organize your art, promote your masterpieces
Enable fans to contact you without giving out your info
Gain a global audience for your art

Recent Activity

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Koi Pond
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Random Art

A Time Without War
Tote Bag Blizzard X
low wooden coffee table with tiled top
Tote Bag Mustard Seed Hoops
Elephant Rouge Fishbones
three tiles, 4" and 6", with small leaf design